How To Check Car History Report for Free

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to check your car history report for free.

Note: I do not take credit for this discovery. A friend of mine showed me this, and I thought I’d share it with you all.

What You’ll Need:

Vin #: Every car has a vin number, also known as a vehicle identification number. If you don’t know where to find yours, click here.

1. Find your vin #

2. Copy the link below to your browser

—->  <—–

vin check report free3. Insert your vin # after the equals sign.

It should look like this:

vin check chilsonwicox


4. If done correctly, the result will look like this:

Autocheck vehicle history reportThat’s it! Also, just to mention, that is not my vehicle identification number, just some random vin I found on craigslist.




5 Signs You’re a Wantrepreneur

What is a Wantrepreneur? Someone who wants to start a business or become an entrepreneur yet lack discipline and will to get started.

1. Wantrepreneurs constantly go to networking events and meetups but never apply what they learn.

2. Wantrepreneurs find joy in telling others about their plans and goals for the future but they never act on it. In order words, they’re all talk.

3. Wantrepreneurs don’t know the difference between a business person and an entrepreneur.

4. Wantrepreneurs spend more time thinking about their brilliant idea and less time writing down the steps to make it happen.

5. Wantrepreneurs find it difficult to explain their business plan. In other words, they don’t have one.

10 Useful Online Web Tools & Resources

RateMyProfessorRate or check your college professor’s ratings before signing up for his/her class.

PDFforge: Create and edit PDF files for free.

GetNotify: Get notified when and if the email you sent has been read by the recipient.

CliffsNotes: Study guides, notes and book summaries for students.

VirusTotal: Scan suspicious files, documents and URLs for potential viruses and malware.

10FastFingers: Test and improve your typing speed.

Spreeder: Improve reading and comprehension.

10MinuteMail: Get a temporary email for when signing up for random things online.

Mathway: Solve any kind of math problem. From basic math to chemical equations.

Alertful: Be notified of important dates and events via email.


How To Purchase a Domain Name From Godaddy for $1

In this post I’ll be showing you how you can save 50-90% when buying a domain from Godaddy using promo codes.

What you’ll need:

Godaddy Account. (This is where we’ll be registering our domain)

Create a Godaddy account

Create an account if you haven’t already done so. After creating an account, search for your domain name, and be sure to use a .com extension. Why? Because .com is a more popular and common domain extension, and also because the promo codes are only effective with .com extensions.

buy cheap domains godaddy

1. After selecting your domain, proceed to check out.

2. Once at the checkout page, select product term and scroll down to where it says “Have a promo code?”

insert promo code godaddy

How To Find Godaddy Promo Codes

Open a new tab and go to google search and search the term: godaddy domain promo codes.

godaddy domain promo code searchFind a promo code for .com Domains. There will be a shitload of promo codes so be sure to pick one that gives you the most discount.

Once you’ve found a promo code, copy the code (Ctrl + C for windows or Cmd + C for mac)

copy domain promo code


After copying the code, go back to the godaddy checkout page, and paste the code (Ctrl + V for windows or Cmd + V for Mac) where it says “Enter Promo Code.”

insert promo code godaddyThen select “Apply.” If the code you selected works, you should see your total cost decrease. promo code domain applied

If it doesn’t, it probably means the code has expired or you’re entering the wrong promo code. Remember that it must be a godaddy domain promo code and not just any other godaddy promo code.

If the code you tried doesn’t work, just go back to google and find another one.

That’s it!

That’s how you save money when buying a domain name from Godaddy using promo codes. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below!